Phagebiotics research foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to furthering research related to the clinical application of bacteriophage. The foundation’s mission is also to educate clinicians, researchers and the general public regarding the use of bacteriophage for treatment of clinical infections and the potential for bacteriophage to aid in solving the problems of antibiotic resistance and multi-drug resistant infections. Doctor Kutter and the Phagebiotics Research Foundation have put on twenty three international Phage Scientific Meetings. The Evergreen International Phage Meeting is the longest running scientific meeting on phage research. Links to the abstracts and talks of the most frequent meetings can be found on this website.

Bacteriophages are viruses each of which selectively and exclusively infects a narrow spectrum of bacteria. Phages were extensively used from shortly after their development in 1917 until the development of modern antibiotics, are still used in some parts of the world, and are again being more extensively explored due to the crisis of antibiotic resistance.