Jan Gleckler, Microbiologist: Jan graduated from Evergreen in 1990 with a BS focused on microbiology. Early in life, she had been a serious student of music & piano, but was equally caught up with a curiosity for biology and process. From 1966 -1970 she pursued her piano/Music degree at Cal State Long Beach, minoring in Biology, and then worked as a professional accompanist. After several years and a move from California to Washington, Jan was drawn back to her science interests, returning to school at Evergreen in 1988. There, she signed up for the full-time Molecule to Organism program, where T4 phage particularly caught her interest. Jan worked in the T4 Lab for a year while also a student, graduated in 1990, and joined the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission Fish Health Lab as microbiologist. The Lab was set up in 1988 to provide services to the steelhead and salmon hatcheries of the 20 Native American tribes around Puget Sound and Washington Coast. In addition to the lab’s own preventative measures to protect the salmon from diseases, a collaboration developed between students from the Evergreen T4 lab and the NWIFC lab, working jointly on projects using phage to control fish pathogen growth. Jan retired in July 2013 but is now back working part time at Northwest Indian Fisheries to help through their busiest season. She has been on the Phagebiotics Foundation Board since its inception in 1997.